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Taka Suzuki
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Working in an Fast Food company's Marketing Dep
Reading book
I will put the picture that I took with my housemate in Australia. I miss Australia very much!!
Purpose to make this web site To help foreigners to find good accommodation and friends in Japan
Why I made this homepage.
Nowadays, we can see many overseas people coming to study or work in Tokyo and Western Japan Unfortunately, everything is expensive in the big cities eg.Tokyo and Osaka, especially accommodation. Of course, the big city have a lot of interesting cultural things, lots to do and well paid jobs! However, some cultural and language barriers between overseas people and local people are inevitable. We believe that house sharing and exchange language is the best way to overcome these problems. This homepage is dedicated to help overseas people not only to find cheaper accommodation, but also provide them with opportunities to join Japanese society and find good friends around Tokyo and western Japan.
I will put my picture which shows me and my friend
In Melbourne for my farewell party
In Shibuya
In Tokyo
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